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Corporate Social Responsibility across the Atlantic: Reviews, Issues and Perspectives, University of Massachusetts,

CSR has received significant scholarly attention in the past two decades. We now have a relatively advanced understanding of major aspects of the phenomenon, including antecedents and consequences of CSR engagement by companies (Yang & Rivers, 2009), CSR structures and strategies (McWilliams & al., 2006), or the dynamics of intra-organizational implementation of CSR (Lindgreen & al., 2009 ; Thauer, 2014). However, there remains a dearth of research on how these aspects vary within and between countries and continents. Indeed, “comparative research in CSR between Europe and the United State has identified remarkable differences between companies on each side of the Atlantic” (Matten & Moon, 2008: 404). The political, legal, and business systems underlying CSR activities in the US and Europe can differ significantly (Kolk, 2008; Doh and Guay, 2006; Aguilera et al., 2006), leading to a diverse and rich landscape that still calls for further studies. We welcome papers from a wide range of epistemological, conceptual and methodological backgrounds. We invite submissions that address, but are not restricted to, the following issues: • Comparison of CSR practices, strategies and policies in the US and Europe • The intra-and-inter organizational factors influencing CSR activities and how they differ across countries • The lived experience of actors in charge of CSR implementation within the organization and how they live differently in the US and Europe • Differential impact on financial performance of CSR activities in the US and Europe • Differences in mandated and/or voluntary sustainability disclosure across countries. • The relationship of CSR and corporate governance in the US and Europe • The relationship of carbon trading and prices to CSR in US and European markets • The role of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) practices and impact on CSR outcomes in the US and Europe • Differences between CSR policies and practices in the maritime industry across the US and Europe. Submissions should be short papers (3-5,000 words) outlining the research question, conceptual background, methods and elements of results of the empirical study if it has been conducted (partly or completely). Full papers will be considered as well. Papers should be submitted to by March 3, 2019. Decision and feedbacks will be communicated by March 15, 2019.

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