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8th International Finance Conference - IFC 8 Paris

Concepts, theories and applications in modern Economics and Finance, Mathematical and empirical issues in financial economics, Public Policy, taxes and regulation, Financing R&D, Financial Information Systems, Emerging Markets issues, Economic and Monetary Crisis - Corporate Governance issues – Basel III and Risk Management, Conventional and Islamic Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship, derivatives Markets and theory of hedging and speculation; Mediterranean integration and Emerging market issues- Financial and Econometric modeling and empirical issues-Mathematical Finance, operations research applications in Finance Guest Speakers: O. Vasicek , G. Barone-Adesi, Aitsahlia F., A. Agrawal, N. Touzi Honorary Committee: M. Brennan, O. Vasicek, S. Figlewski, S. Hall, R. S Pindyck Conference Chairs: Jean-Luc Prigent (UCP), Régis Dumoulin (ISC Paris, Université d’Angers), Mondher Bellalah (UCP) Conference Scope: New concepts, tools & methodologies in understanding financial theory and corporate policy, Investment& financing decisions under uncertainty, real options and their applications, Globalization and innovations in real and financial markets, Impact of Global financial crisis, New scientific applications in financial economics, Corporate Governance issues, modeling investment and financing decisions, risk management, Basel II and III applications, value and wealth creation, Islamic Economics and Finance and empirical testing. Therefore, it is important to develop new mathematical tools and econometric approaches to investigate the changes in modern “financial Economics”. Operational research helps understanding several issues in financial economics. The above features cover all financial markets and real markets including emerging markets. It is also fundamental to implement forecasting techniques for risk management, definition and assessment of investment and financing decisions. Islamic banking and finance is also embedded as one of the key issues. A separate PhD Workshop is organized. The first page must mention Special Workshop. Scientific Committee A. De Palma , F. Quittard-Pinon, Y. Mozghovyi , M. R. Armada, K.C. Chen, S. Figlewski, G. Constantinides , N. Touzi , S. Hall, R. Webb , E. Clark, D. Paxson, H. Ben Ameur, M. Bellalah, J-L Prigent. Author guidelines, submission deadline, reviewing process and best three papers awards Authors are invited to submit in word or pdf files by thought the website: or e-mail to: Important dates December 30, 2014: Deadline for paper submission. January 10, 2015: Acceptance/Rejection. January 30, 2015: Definitive camera-ready version and registration of authors. Publications Opportunities A selection of the best articles will be published in special issues (Under discussion): Annals of Operations Research, Economic Modeling, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Corporate Board, role, duties and composition, European Journal of Finance, International Journal of Business, Journal of Risk, etc.

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