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The role of financial markets in promoting participatory and social finance

Dear researchers, Please find attached the call for papers of the 8th International Conference of Entrepreneurial Finance CIFEMA' 2021.

Conference Theme: "The role of financial markets in promoting participatory and social finance".

The conference will be held on 23–25 November 2021 at the National School of Trade and Management (Acronym ENCG), Ibn Zohr University, Agadir-Morocco.

Please feel free to forward this call to any researcher who may be interested.

*********Conference main topics********

• Latest developments in Islamic financial market products
• Ability of Islamic financial markets to provide companies with alternative financing channels.
• Potential role of hybrid securities in Islamic financial markets
• Role of Sukuk in financing mega infrastructure projects
• Role of Sukuk in financing SMEs
• Successful experiences in issuing social impact Sukuk
• Endowment investment funds and endowment Sukuk
• Innovative Sukuk structures (based on profit or revenue sharing) to finance companies in the real economic sectors (especially agriculture and industry)
• Convertible, exchangeable and perpetual Sukuk
• Optimum frameworks for issuing and trading Sukuk.
• Ideal Approaches to deal with Sukuk bankruptcies and restructuring
• Credit rating Methodology for debt-based Sukuk
• Development of the Sukuk market in Morocco and its future prospects
• Role of private investment funds in financing new projects and expanding existing projects
• Role of venture capital investment funds in providing financing for entrepreneurial projects, or expanding existing ones
• Required diversity of investment funds in terms of risk, geographic and sector focus
• Potential role of exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
• Review of existing sharia’s methodologies for shares and sukuk screening
• Review of existing sharia’s methodologies to purify unlawful returns from securities
• Crowdfunding platforms (for-profit and nonprofit organizations)
• Role of FinTech in developing financial market products
• Role of the regulation in setting incentive systems to diversify financial market products
• the impact of tax and zakat on investor decisions in financial markets
• Evaluation of Sharia standards related to financial markets
• Risk management tools in Islamic financial markets
• Options for developing a regulated market for private placements
• Optimal trading rules in the financial markets
• Mechanisms to compact financial markets manipulations
• Mechanism to stimulate institutional investment and dampen harmful speculation in financial markets

Sharia compatible structured products Important dates:
Submission of Full paper : 30 septembre 2021
Notification of paper acceptance : 15 Octobre 2021
Deadline for sending final texts : 30 Octobre 2021
Conference’s dates : 23-25 November 2021

Chakir Ahmed -