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CfP | « Managing the (In)visible: The Challenges of Religious Expression in the Workplace » | European Management Journal

Date limite de soumission : 01/04/2024

Guest Editors:

✍️ Géraldine Galindo, ESCP Business School
✍️ Caroline Cintas, IAE Rouen Normandie, Université de Rouen Normandie
✍️ Hugo GAILLARD 🔘, Le Mans Université,
✍️ Lionel Honoré, IAE de Brest, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

‘We invite submissions from multi-disciplinary practitioners and researchers interested in the practical, theoretical and ethical implications of the management of religious diversity. We hope to gather articles based on empirical approaches that study not only individual dynamics, but also collective or more institutional approaches to the phenomenon.  The quest for theorizing on this topic leads us to expect articles that consider integrative theories or see religious diversity either as a resource to optimize or a constraint to manage. Finally, religious diversity requires consideration of the variety of contexts in which the diversity of religious beliefs can be studied, or how these beliefs may influence ways people view other aspects of diversity.

Contact :

All submissions will be subject to the European Management Journal‘s usual double-blind peer-review process, should respect the journal’s general publication guidelines (see website) and be submitted electronically to between 1st and 29th April 2024. Publication is planned for 2025.

To ensure that all submissions are correctly identified for consideration for this Management Focus section, it is important that the corresponding author selects ‘Religious Expression in the Workplace’ as the paper type. Please direct any pre-submission questions or queries to Géraldine Galindo (

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