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Clermont Financial Innovation Workshop —CFIW24

Date limite de soumission : 20/02/2024

Achieving a sustainable and responsible corporate governance in a disruptive world is both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses as a result of climate change, gender parity concerns, and other outstanding social and environmental issues. To date, impact investing has been seen as a key driver in reducing emissions and acting responsibly. However, the rapid growth of green funds in recent years has led to claims that companies have been insincere in promoting their ESG achievements. Accordingly, companies need new corporate governance practices that ensure they understand the impact of their activities on the world and why they need to take society and environment into account when making business decisions. Innovating corporate governance mechanisms can play a key role in accelerating the transition to a climate฀neutral economy and helping to create socially fairer business conduct.

The objective of the workshop « Upgrading Corporate Governance for Sustainability and Social Innovation » organized by ESC Clermont Business School and CleRMa is to present theoretical and empirical academic research on sustainable and responsible corporate governance’s practices. The committee welcomes studies that provide forward-thinking insights into current research. Specific topics can include, but are not limited, board gender diversity and sustainability, board characteristics and corporate sustainability, corporate board and sustainability reporting quality, sustainability reporting and earnings quality, corporate board and greenwashing, board sustainability committee and ESG performance, corporate ownership and sustainability, family governance and social performance, institutional ownership and sustainability, corporate governance and green bonds issuance, governance and ESG risk฀taking, climate-linked compensation, corporate climate change disclosures, governance codes and ESG performance, as well as the interplay of these topics with financial accounting, regulation, and entrepreneurship.



The best workshop papers will be invited for submission to:

Corporate Governance: An International Review (ABS-3, FNEGE-3)

Finance Contrôle Stratégie (FNEGE-3)

Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (ABS-1)



February 20, 2024: Submission deadline for papers.

February 28, 2024: Notification of acceptance.

April 3, 2024: Date of the workshop.


Contact :

For paper submission and academic matters, please contact the CFIW’s chair:

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