International programs

For many years, the FNEGE has contributed to the internationalization of French management schools.
In recent years, it has managed programs on behalf of business schools and also organizes its own international programs abroad.

There are several types of international undertakings:

  • Certificate-awarding seminars
  • Master’s and MBA programs
  • DBA (doctor of business administration)
  • The FNEGE also organizes admissions testing sessions abroad (TAGE and IAE Message Score).


Certificate-awarding seminars

On behalf of its international partners, the FNEGE organizes seminars aimed at presenting the “state-of-the-art” of a given management issue. These seminars have a practical aim, even though the theoretical underpinnings allow executives to adapt the teaching to their own particular issues.

Master's and MBA programs

This is a one-year program developed in collaboration with a French university or business school.

For example, the FNEGE partners with IAE Paris and Paris Dauphine University on the Paris International MBA, in collaboration with a local academic institution.


The DBA was created by Harvard to provide senior managers with doctoral-level training, while taking into account the time constraints of the candidates and the importance of the managerial implications that the DBA dissertation must include.

The FNEGE has developed several DBA programs with Iran and China.

Admissions testing abroad

Every year, the FNEGE organizes testing sessions for the TAGE MAGE, TAGE 2, post-secondary TAGE and Executive TAGE admissions tests around the world, as well as for the IAE Message Score.

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