Admissions tests

As a foundation that promotes excellence in management education and research, the FNEGE administers two categories of admissions tests for higher education students who wish to pursue studies in management science and business administration:

  • TAGE Tests 
  • Score IAE Message 

TAGE Tests 

The TAGE admission tests are recognized in France and internationally, and represent the benchmark for aptitude tests for many management schools.

4 admission tests are available : 

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Score IAE-Message

The IAE-Message Score is another test which can play a part in measuring the aptitude of a student who wishes to enroll in a university-level management program. It measures candidates’ aptitude to be future managers in four fundamental areas: Economic, management and general knowledge; Comprehension and written expression in French; Logical and numerical reasoning; and Comprehension and written expression in English.

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Network News

25 September 2023

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28 August 2023

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