BSIS Symposium – Societal Impact : Maximising relevance and reach


au 19/05/2022


Descriptif Evènement

Recent years have seen an increased focus on impact measurement in business schools as stakeholders from students to local businesses, from faculty to the media and from alumni to investors hold schools to account for the difference they can make to the world around them. An increased interest in societal impact through the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has further raised these expectations. This symposium aims to help business schools maximise the relevance and reach of their societal impact through the sharing of ideas and best practice.

The symposium will…

  • Explore definitions of societal impact and its potential scope
  • Review the drivers for demonstrating societal impact, including SDGs, business school accreditations and rankings
  • Investigate methods of measuring societal impact including metrics, kpis and benchmarking
  • Enable schools to develop strategies for maximising the relevance and reach of their societal impact
  • Support the development of the school’s societal impact narrative, framing this in terms of reach and relevance
Contact: martina.ticha@efmdglobal.org

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