Post-DBA program

FNEGE and Business Science Institute are launching an innovative program aiming to help DBA graduates increasing their academic and managerial impacts. 

The aim is to support doctors in managerial sciences towards the publishing of articles in academic journals.

The aim of this program is to help doctors in managerial sciences with the writing and the publishing of an article in a specialized journal. At the end of it, the students will receive a Certificate of Advanced Research from the IAE Bordeaux, Business Science Institute and FNEGE.

How it works?
FNEGE and Business Science institute nominate a supervisor, who will be a university-affiliated professor, for each student in order to guaranty a personalized one-to-one supervision. The program will last a year and will be entirely in English. It includes 4 seminars (how to write an academic article, finding the correct references, framing, checking and valuation of existing data, presentation of the outcomes/results) and 6 webinars (Introduction and how to write an article from a DBA thesis, Meet the editors, New hot topics in management, How to end and send an article to reviewers).
How to apply?
It is only possible to apply online. In order to apply, each candidate has to provide a CV, a summary of their DBA thesis and pay the application fees of 150€. The total cost of the program is 4900€ (this doesn’t include possible travel costs).

The successful candidates will start the program the first week of January 2021.

This program will be coordinated by Professor Michel Kalika and Professor Jean-Fabrice Lebraty.