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Call for application PhD thesis funding - University of Lille


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Présentation de l'établissement

A dynamic institution connected with some of the world’s highest-ranking foreign universities, the University of Lille attracts many students. They benefit from excellent studying conditions on huge campuses.
For many years now, the University of Lille has made international development central to its way of working, courses and research.
Having won a place on a huge national plan to finance excellence (I-site) in 2017, it is now committed to structuring its international policy around several main themes, international recruitment methods and partnerships of excellence.

Description du poste

- Thesis co-supervisors:
Mbaye Fall DIALLO, Professor -
Souad DJELASSI, Associate Professor-

- Research Laboratory: LSMRC (University of Lille)

- Topic - “Engagement toward Artificial Intelligence systems dedicated to sustainability: A stakeholder theory perspective”
- Key words : Artificial Intelligence (AI), sustainable development, stakeholder theory,
engagement, retailing
- The purpose of this PhD thesis project is twofold:
1) Understanding what critical factors affect user/stakeholders’ engagement to AI systems
dedicated to sustainability in commercial (e.g. retailing) and service sectors. As such, this project intends to bridge the gap between AI and sustainability by investigating the various factors affecting user, employee and policy makers’ engagement toward AI systems dedicated to sustainability, but also the potential barriers to engaging and equipping key groups of stakeholders (e.g. users with special needs) in basic AI-based applications.
2) Exploring impacts of citizen/stakeholders’ engagement in using and contributing to AI based systems in retailing sector.

Application deadline : June 12, 2020

Profil recherché / Compétences requises

Applicants should hold a master degree or be registered in a research master. They should be
fluent in English and have a good knowledge of French or be willing to learn French if

Documents à transmettre

Interested applicants should send by e-mail to : and
➢ A resume (CV)
➢ Transcripts of master 1 and master 2 degree, indicating rank if possible
➢ If possible, an exemplary of an academic work undertaken in master or bachelor programs.
➢ A project (3 to 5 pages) indicating how the applicant will deal with the PhD topic
described above (along with references list)
➢ A cover letter indicating the applicant’s motivation to join our PhD program.
➢ Potential letters of recommendation with the references contacts.
Application deadline : June 12, 2020

Contact and