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What are the perceptions of business schools worldwide concerning the future of the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Market?

This is the subject of the online survey launched on March 21 by EFMD in partnership with the Executive DBA Council(EDBAC) and Le Sphinx Software Solutions. It is also a highly relevant question because, from experience, we already know that points of view about the DBA market are likely to diverge.

Some consider that the DBA market is in an emergent phase due to the maturity of the MBA market, the need for new business models and knowledge, the need to fill the gap between academic research and managerial practice, and so on.

Others argue that doctoral programmes are not for managers, that this creates confusion with the traditional PhD, etc.

Because the mission of business schools is to create management knowledge and to meet the needs of companies and managers, this survey has been prepared by a working group comprised of 15 participants from a range of organisations.

The survey includes open questions that allow respondents to develop their arguments and closed questions.

The beginning of the survey asks, “what first comes to mind” when thinking about the DBA? Respondents are then invited to give their overall perception of the evolution of the market and to reflect on the factors that might explain the growth or the decline of the market. Finally, an important question concerning the distinction between DBAs, PhDs, and Executive PhDs is raised, as well as the question of the future format (in-person, online or blended).

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The various partners of the survey will disseminate the results. Ensure you receive the results and keep in touch with the EFMD doctoral community by subscribing to the EFMD Doctoral Programme & Research newsletter.

Michel Kalika is the President of the Business Science Institute.

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04 avril 2023
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