Pépite France

The FNEGE, operating on behalf of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research since 2014, promotes student entrepreneurship through Pépite France.

Pépite France is a network of 33 “PEPITE” – student hubs for innovation, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship – operating throughout the entire country. Their mission is to strengthen entrepreneurial and innovation culture in higher education by undertaking efforts to boost awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation and by launching training and support initiatives.

Pépite France aims to bring together the startup projects of students and recent graduates with existing companies, and to promote structures of support and financing.

The Foundation is committed to action in eight specific areas:

Part 1

Communication about the official "National Student-Entrepreneur Status" in France, the Pépite hubs themselves, and raising awareness about the entrepreneurial spirit.

Part 2

Coordinating, supporting and motivating the Pépite network in France, in particular through seminars and training programs organized by Pépite Academy.

Part 3

Developing partnerships.

Part 4

Running permanent committees set up by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Part 5

Supporting the Pépite network's professionalization process.

Part 6

Supporting the Pépite network's quality improvement process.

Part 7

Promoting the adoption of management tools for the Pépite network.

Part 8

Coordinating CREATIV’, a week-long student event on the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

For further information, consult the dedicated Pépite France website.

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