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The French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE)...

was founded in 1968 to face the gap in the teaching and practice of management in France. For 10 years, nearly 300 young students were sent to the best american universities to do a PH.D in Management. This large-scale movement of future doctors was a unique lever for the development of management education, companies and the french economy. Numerous professors of Business Schools (HEC, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, etc.) and Universities, former participants in this program, have decisively contributed to the international development of management institutions, research in that discipline and dissemination of the most advanced knowledge within companies. Similarly, several of those who have benefitted from this program have directly joined the companies where they had played a major role.

FNEGE was also founded to manage an extensive operation of granting and following-up post-doctoral contracts, making it possible for young French researchers to complete their thesis in foreign universities, especially american ones.

This program ensured the dispatch of nearly 300 researchers in management.

In 1987 FNEGE created the CEFAG (Centre Européen de Formation Approfondie à la Gestion), a European Center for Advanced Training in Management that pioneered a high-level training program for French doctoral students which included short stays abroad.

This program enabled the establishment of a growing network of doctors, at the rate of 16 per year since 1985. It was joined last year by an additional flow of doctoral students, a second group from CEFAG who were completing their thesis through a CIFRE agreement and supported by ANRT (Association Nationale Recherche et Technologie), a scientific association.

FNEGE has organized numerous doctoral seminars and publishing seminars in collaboration with the Schools and Universities laboratories (“Meet the editors”, “Faire de la recherche en Entrepreneuriat”, “Atouts pour publier”, “Modélisation et traitement des données”…).

These seminars were followed by the publishing of books on research under FNEGE’s aegis. They have contributed to the doctoral students publishing policy.

The annual study carried out by the FNEGE concerns in 2017 the digital transformation of institutions of higher education in management. The first results of the study will be presented on 7 and 8 July at the BS Directors' meeting. Prof. Imed Boughzala (Télécom Ecole de Management) and Pr. Aurélie Dudézert (IAE Poitiers) commissioned the FNEGE to carry out this research, the results of which will be delivered in a report in autumn 2017.

The development of the BSIS continues, in particular at the international level in co-operation with EFMD. FNEGE is at the disposal like the EFMD to testify of the interest of this device of valorization of the impacts of the schools of management and thanks each representative of the EQUAL network to relay in their national network the existence of this innovative device.

At the international level, FNEGE has also pioneered joint programs with foreign institutions. Today it is still responsible for several programs for Master students and doctoral students, in collaboration with some french establishments of higher education (IAE de Paris-Dauphine, IAE de Bordeaux, IAE de Nice, etc.). Many teachers from its network (75 establishments) participate in these programs.

Finally, every two years FNEGE organizes Les Etats Généraux du Management / La Semaine du Management, a gathering of researchers and corporate people aiming at creating knowledge transfer between the academic world and the corporate world. FNEGE launched la Revue Française de Gestion, a CNRS ranked journal, which purpose is to ensure that transfer.

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